Why dress according to your body type?

Women and men do not have the same morphology. For example, there are those who are tall or short and those who are thin or round. However, one should not dress in the same way once the morphologies are different. This article offers you the advantage of dressing according to your morphology and how to know your morphology?

Some advantages of dressing according to your morphology

It is very often observed that there are clothes that fit some people better than others. So, each morphology has its advantages. Indeed, if you dress according to your figure, you will not only enhance your clothes but also your body and you will manage to hide some physical imperfections.
Secondly, it avoids unnecessary expenses. Many people buy expensive clothes that catch the eye and then refuse to wear them because they don't match their body type. However you should consider your body type before buying your clothes.

Techniques for knowing your body type

Wearing clothes that are fashionable is good, but it is also good to be better dressed. Moreover, there are different morphologies, especially female, that it is urgent to know in order to dress better. In addition, to know your morphology you must first stand in front of a mirror and observe your whole body, especially your hips, shoulders, buttocks, waist and chest.
Moreover, to know if your morphology is in 8 or X" you will see by looking at your mirror that your hips and your shoulders will have the same width and you will have a marked size. Moreover, for the H shape, it is distinguished by the hips and shoulders that are aligned and the waist that is not marked. The V-shape can be recognised by the shoulders being wider than the pelvis. O-shaped people have a generous chest and rounded shoulders.
As for people with an A shape, they can be recognised by their small shoulders, small breasts and more rounded hips. However, knowing your morphology allows you to choose clothes that correspond to your figure.